Motorcycle Shipping

I ship many motorcycles please let me ship yours to you!

I can ship most bikes uncrated in the lower 48 states for approximately $600.00. That’s to a commercial address or one suitable for an 18 wheel truck with a 53 foot trailer. Typically it takes between 2 to 3 weeks; sometimes more depending on weather and location. I only ship with professional truckers with enclosed trailers who specialize in motorcycle transportation. Bikes going too far away rural or residential locations may cost a little more.

As shown in the photos most bikes are shipped with Key Board Carriage Motorcycle Transportation. They ship primarily Motorcycles and Piano’s and they’re real good at being on time with no damage. No loading dock is needed; their trucks have lift gates for easy unloading and are equipped with a special pallet designed specifically for motorcycles providing a secure ride and easy delivery. No crating or uncrating, your bike is ready to ride when it arrives.

Canadian buyers will often have their bikes shipped to a commercial address or a large parking lot near their boarder crossing to meet the truck taking delivery in the US and importing it themselves, easily done saving time and money.  

And for the overseas buyer please contact They can ship a bike almost anywhere and usually uncrated. Most overseas shipments range from $1200.00 to $1500.00.

I can properly crate any motorcycle for you at an extra cost depending on crate dimensions and requirements.